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Thalassa Beachwear was established in Trinidad and Tobago by two fashion enthusiastic sisters with a passion to create their own unique brand which embodies the idealism of the Caribbean lifestyle and dream.

While their designs are consistent with bright vivid Caribbean colors, their prints are inspired by iconic landscapes from the most dreamed of places on the map, fusing together the comfort of home with an international experience.

Their vision is to become a globally recognized Caribbean brand while their mission strives to break stereotypes and borders with the inclusiveness and versatility of their collections.

Thalassa, from the Greek words “from the sea”, wants to offer you a colorful dreamlike journey that exudes fashion confidence while you walk along with the sunset on the beach, while you dance away all your worries on a sunny rooftop party or while basking in the nearest patch of warm sun.

Thalassa Beachwear makes the modern woman feel confident while having fun wherever she is in the world. With strength taken from the sea, comes an ambitious brand of beachwear that brings forth a distinctive blend of Caribbean native style mixed with inspiration from unique landscapes globally.

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